As a coach I help you find inspiration, hold you accountable, and help you unleash your potential in an entirely new way. Coaching helps you organize your thinking in a way that moves you forward powerfully and strategically without wasting time or energy. It helps you look at the world with a new perspective and take action to create the results you want.
I will help you unlock insights that move you closer to what you truly, deeply want – and once we pinpoint those desires, we’ll make them a reality by creating a plan to get you there. That plan will help us prioritize next steps so you’re more effective, efficient, and happier along the way.
I will be your biggest cheerleader, helping you see all the possibilities that exist even when things that once seemed out of reach. Change is unavoidable, but as your coach, I’ll help you deal with change more effectively so that any struggles or transformations you do experience will be strategic and manageable. Times of change can seem difficult. But, on the other side is a new and improved …you.

I am concerned primarily with concrete changes in a person’s real life. I want to see you reach your potential, overcome your fears and inhibitions.
I only delve into a person’s past if it significantly helps that person understand and master those fears, habits, feelings, and thoughts that hold them back from achieving their most important goals.
I often work in a time-limited manner and have specific behavioral outcomes in mind at all times as a measure of success.
I work to make relatively healthy people healthier.
I work with your experiences of life and help guide you in a new direction.
I focus a great deal on your real interactions within the various social systems in which you experience. The more I understand your life experiences the better able I am to help you in coaching.
I will be rigorously assessing whether I’m on the right track with someone, a commitment made easier by my belief that a personal coach can usually tell almost immediately if an intervention is useful or not.