My Philosophy

My goal is to help you:

arrowget clear on your goals

arrowform better relationships

arrowhave more meaning in your life

arrowwork on the things that you are passionate about


This is where I share with you who I and how I think about coaching.  First, let me talk to you about therapy.  In therapy you work with a counselor who will help you to explore how issues from your past are affecting your present day life.  Primarily these effects on your life are negative, dysfunctional or painful.  The distress is what drives you to therapy.  The therapist will spend   lot of time exploring your past and helping you t gain understanding and insight so that you can eventually function better in your life.  This usually takes many months to years.

I am not a therapist.  I am a life coach. I will primarily be concerned with your present life10361310_10206996346683595_3747357551164644242_n and your future.  I can help you define an area of your life that can be better than it is today.  And, together we can define a goal or goals you can achieve, in a timely manner, that will make your life better.  My goal, in coaching, is to help you have a better life.  I will help you hone in on the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.  We will work together on reaching each step in a way that feels empowering to you.  I believe that you already have what it takes to achieve your goals.  You just need to get out of your own way.  I can help you do that.  I will be truthful and direct with you when I give you feedback.  I don’t have years of time with you for you to come to your own awareness of hidden thoughts.  I will bring them to the forefront so that we can discuss them and hopefully move your forward.  Get you unstuck and moving on so that you can enrich your life.

I believe that we can make our lives better continuously.  We need to be clear about what we want and then take the small steps forward until we get there.  I am able to break it down in to manageable chunks so it’s not overwhelming and fear provoking.  If you want it….I can help you get it.

I am a strengths based coach and I believe in building upon strengths you already have.  If you can’t see them then I will bring them to your attention on a regular basis.  We will celebrate you and your small successes.

In order to assess whether we would like to work with each other I offer a469_10208481524625639_8232387607656422363_n free initial consultation.  I can explain my approach and answer your questions. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other.

If you decide that you want to work with me then we will schedule an hour long appointment so that I can learn about you and we can create a plan.  We will continue meeting on a weekly basis.  In between meetings I offer support through texting and emails.

When we meet I will be celebrating your successes and helping you to keep moving forward by helping you to create the next steps.  Keep taking the next steps and you will get there.

Last summer I had a goal of riding my bike for 100 in one day.  A friend gave me the advice to “just keep pedaling”.  Simple, right?  So, for 10 hours I just pedaled.  And, I achieved my 100 mile goal.

So, just keep taking little steps forward, in the direction of your goal, and you will get there.  I can help you do that.