Wellness Coaching


Align Mind, Body, & Soul

Taking care of our own well-being is essential. Most of us lead busy lives and we are often responsible for ensuring the well-being of others we love (children, parents, siblings, students, staff, etc.). The best way to take care of yourself is to implement tiny self-care habits every day. This includes little bits of love and attention to your own body, mind, and soul. The consequence of not taking care of ourselves is that we are exhausted and run down.

Good self-care is best accomplished when you incorporate many small habits in to your daily routine. These habits help to ensure that you are optimum—emotionally, physically, and mentally.

For physical well-being you might pay more attention to what you eat, how you sleep, exercise, setting up overdue doctor or dental appointments. You might take a walk, soak up the sun, make better meal choices or sit still for a while.

For mental well-being you might pay more attention during your day, fix something that’s been bothering you, declutter your home or office, unplug from electronics for an hour, see your friends, have a good laugh.

For emotional or spiritual well-being you might ask friends for compliments, make a connection with someone, splurge on something nice for yourself, have a spa day, go away for the weekend.

It’s our responsibility to take good care of ourselves. It’s something we should pay attention to on a daily basis.

Wellness coaching is a big part of my weekly work with clients. I want you to feel great and energetic while you are reaching your goals.